The HEX Modular Deposition System

The HEX Deposition system from Korvus Technology is an economical solution to PVD, suitable for teaching as well as research.  It comprises an aluminium frame with six interchangeable panels. The panels can accommodate up to three sources (sputter, thermal boat or e-beam) and a film thickness monitor.  

HEX Deposition system explained

Benchtop Deposition System


The 4" sample stage is built into the top panel and has handles for easy removal.  There are options for heating, rotation and a shutter. The system is pumped with a mini turbo. The HEX may be automated with Niobium deposition control software. 

HEX Sputter Source

The HEX Sputter Source


For further details please download the HEX brochure or contact Portsdown Scientific.