The New mini Z UV for Water Vapour Desorption

RBD Instruments has announced a new addition to their line of water vapour desorption systems, the mini Z. This water vapour desorption system comprises a high power ultra-violet C emitter that fits inside a standard 1.5" ID vacuum chamber tube and a compact power supply which mounts directly to the 2.75" CF flange. 

mini Z UVmini Z UV










The mini Z is ideal for solving water vapour problems in compact vacuum chambers such as load locks, mini ALD chambers, pressure cells, etc. The 185nm UVC radiation power supply is simple to use – just turn it on when you start pumping! A remote ON/OFF option is available if you want to operate the mini Z by a process controller or set point.

Simple, effective and affordable – the mini Z is the perfect solution to water vapor problems in compact vacuum chambers. Produces 350 uW/cm2 @ 6cm from end of emitter (2.75" flange).  Also available for 4.5" CF flanges.

RBD Instruments also offers other products for UV water vapour desorption as well as the IR 100B an internal, flange-mounted infrared lamp for bake out.