Ionautics AB (Sweden) has launched the HiPSTER pulser for High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS).  The HiPSTER acts as pulse generator and drives a standard DC power supply.  Hence it may be simply added to existing sputtering systems.  

Ionautics HiPSTER

HiPIMS uses high power pulses to produce a more dense plasma in which a high proportion of the flux is ionised.  The high energy ions can produce smoother, denser films with enhanced charateristics, such as improved optical properties, higher electrical conductivity, etc. The HiPSTER and is able generate pulses over a full range of frequencies (up to 10kHz) and pulses are of constant voltage with minimum oscillation.   The HiPSTER has been fully tested in a variety of sputtering methods including reactive mode.    For further details please see the HiPSTER brochure or contact Portsdown Scientific.