Fermi, a new UHV Variable Temperature Scanning Probe Microscope with a cold tip!

Fermi UHV Scanning Probe

Oxford Instruments has introduced the new Fermi variable temperature (VT) scanning probe microscope. In contrast to the usual situation the Fermi has both a cold sample and a cold scanning tip. This greatly reduces thermal drift (now <1 pm/sec) and means the sample is not shocked by a warm tip. The Fermi SPM is designed for maximum mechanical stability and incorporates optimised thermal shielding and heat flow control for stable temperature regulation.

The system includes the usual spring suspension/eddy current damping, and using a wobblestick the sample may be firmly clamped in position by a new locking mechanism. The flow cryostat, which may use either LN2 or LHe, does not require pumping, further reducing vibrations.eratures as low as 10K have been achieved at the sample stage, with the tip at ~25K.     

Other features include : 

-- Ports a for optical access to the sample and a port for in-situ evaporation

-- Tip exchange is possible without removing sample.

-- Bolt-on concept similar to previous SPMs from Omicron (see below)

-- Preamplifier technology as on the standard VT and LT SPMs

-- Qplus AFM option

-- Option for four electrical contacts

    Fermi bolt-on300

                                          The Fermi Bolt-on Concept

Additional information (requires registration) :

Fermi SPM brochure

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