GLAD Stage by UHV Design

UHV Design has announced a new variant of their Epicentre series of deposition stages known as GLAD for GLancing Angle Depositon. Tilting of the substrate during deposition can produce interesting nanostructured features such as columns and helices. A great presentation on the possiblities can be found here. Applications include the use of the enhanced surface area in sensors, specialised optical devices, magnetic storage and more. 

UHV Design GLAD stage

Schematic of Glancing Angle Deposition


The GLAD stage has all the usual features and options of an Epicentre stage such as azimuthal rotation, heating to 1000oC, RF and DC bias, axial motion, etc. and, in addition provodes up to +/- 85 degrees sample tilt. The entire stage may also be rotated with an optional differentially pumped rotary feedthrough, allowing rotation of the angle of tilt.

This video shows the stage in action:



Full GLAD specifications

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