New Argon Gas Cluster Ion Beam Source

Oxford Instruments has recently introduced the GCIB 10S, an argon cluster ion source. It is designed for use in XPS and SIMS surface analysis systems for depth profiling and cleaning of materials such as organics, polymers, graphene and sensitive coatings. Argon ion clusters are formed when high pressure gas expands into a vacuum. Clusters can range in size from Ar1 to > Ar3000 and are selectable by a mass filter. 

Argon gas cluster ion source

 Looking more like a Terminator weapon, the GCIB source is apparently gentle on samples


Traditional Ar1bombardment is known to cause significant damage to sensitive materials.   Now these types of samples may be analysed with minimal loss of chemical information.


Maximum beam energy (for singly charged ions) 10keV
Range of selectable cluster sizes Ar1 to > Ar3000
Ar1 maximum current > 500 nA
Ar1 minimum spot size < 250 µm
Ar1000 maximum current > 15 nA
Ar1000 minimum spot size < 250 µm
Ar2000 maximum current > 10 nA
Ar2000 minimum spot size < 250 µm
Maximum scan range (at 10keV) 8 mm x 8 mm


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